Budding is accomplished by inserting a single bud of the desired cultivar into the rootstock in contact with the cambium. Chip-budding can be done late summer, when growth is still active.

Remove the leave from the petiole on the scion wood. The petiole can be used for handling the bud.
Cut of the bud with some bark.

On the rootstock, make a T-cut in a clear area on the stem. Open the slit enough to insert the bud.

Placer podeflig
Place the bud holding the petiole.
Podeflig i t-snit
The bud is in place.
Okulation m podetape Secure the chip-bud with grafting tape.
Okulation med malertape

Other materials can be used to secure the bud. On this foto are used masking tape.

Æble knop efter okulation
If the budding succeed, the petiole will drop of after 14 dayes.
Okulation udsprunget knop
Springtime next year the bud will start growing and forming the new tree. Then remove the part of the rootstock over the bud.


Grafting of apple trees
Grafting of apple trees
step by step

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